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Larry Todd Wilson

Each stone sculpture Larry Todd Wilson creates exudes a sense of luxury. The subtle angles of his works embody a soft movement that carries the eye around their three dimensional form. He works out of his home studio in Sewanee and often sculpts in his bluff-edge backyard where the valley sits below. He enjoys the physicality of working with stone and the tolerance required to sculpt it.

Larry's most recent stone of choice is Italian alabaster and honeycomb calcite sourced from Utah. Each stone arrives in raw form before initial cuts to their abrasive edge. The sculpture begins to take shape as he carves with a chisel, later shaving its surface with a metal rasp. The ultra smooth finish Larry's sculptures are admired for slowly comes into play as he hand-sands the stone with diamond-encrusted sandpaper, working his way from 60 grit all the way up to 3,500.

available works by larry todd wilson

larry todd wilson