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Tess Davies

Tess Davies' paintings feature soft diagonal lines that float among passing schools of organic shapes. The interactions of pattern render a sense of calm, as if the patterns themselves chose not to compete, but to instead embrace their dualities.

Tess finds inspiration for these patterns within the pages of human biology books, where magnified cell structures reveal microscopic repetitions. She first titles a blank canvas then often dedicates such bio-based patterns as a way “to beautify the inevitable," she says.

Tess lives in her hometown of Nashville where her epic murals can be found throughout the city, including the AT&T Building downtown, Studio Bank, Gallerie Tangerine on South Street, Charlotte Avenue at 28th North, A Funky Garage in 12South, LL Flowers in Belmont and a collaborative mural in The Nations. Her art career started in 2014 in Sewanee where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of the South.

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