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Jimmy Abegg

As one collector put it, “If you own a Jimmy Abegg painting, it holds the room.” This is perhaps why the work of LOCALS artist Jimmy Abegg has appeared on numerous album covers, books, magazines, and walls of collectors worldwide.

Magnificent characters, landscapes, and abstracts are Jimmy’s subject of choice, with a preference toward multiple layers of paint that develop a luminescence where a single blue becomes a myriad of itself on the canvas.

“I saw myself as a painter early on,” Jimmy says, “as a child in elementary school.” Now, as a proud grandfather, Jimmy’s decades-long career has become an instinct of hand. A degenerative eye disease has changed his vision, but not his drive. Having adapted to an unfocused sight, Jimmy continues to create beautiful art that, as Jimmy says, “reflects the calm and peace I have been blessed with in my heart."

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jimmy abegg