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G. Sanford McGee

Sewanee, and the surrounding region, is not only an integral part of G. Sanford McGee's copper art, it's also the reason for it.

Sanford had yearned for a way to give his mountain surroundings a degree of permanence, to somehow capture - indefinitely - local botanicals' temporary nature. "Like a fossil," he says. His quest led him to create an art form in which collected leaves decompose onto sheets of copper. He strategically applies acid washes that then slowly etch the plant life's patterns onto the metal as the piece itself is left outside. While exposed to the elements, a patina slowly forms, giving life to botanical silhouettes.

Sanford's most recent copper works are also framed in locally harvested walnut. He is a founding member of the South Cumberland Regional Land Trust, and his dedication to conservation will preserve the mountain's beauty for generations to come.

available works by g. sanford mcgee